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Innovative Leads  Optics

Bicom is mainly engaged in non-imaging optical products with optical lenses as the core, including the research and development, design, production. The main products are optical lenses and supporting precision injection molds, automotive atmosphere lights and their components. The precision injection molds are dedicated to the production of optical lenses. Tools and automotive ambient lights are downstream applications of optical lenses. Bicom’s products are mainly matched with a new generation of green lighting source LEDs, which are in line with the development direction of environmental protection and energy-saving industrial policies, and are in line with the national carbon peak, carbon neutral and medium and long-term strategic goal planning. Since its establishment, Bicom has been deeply involved in optical lens and its application fields, combined with product customization and the “one product, one point” business model, and has accumulated good customer resources, and has become one of the main suppliers of optical lens products for customers.

The company has established a good cooperative relationship with the world’s top automotive lighting companies such as Marelli and Hella, and also famous auto makers such as. In the field of general lighting, Bicom is a supplier of world-renowned lighting companies Signify (formerly Philips lighting business) and Landvance (formerly Osram lighting business). In the field of security surveillance, the company’s main customers include Hikvision and Dahua Co., Ltd., the world’s top two video surveillance companies.

Based on years of R&D innovation and technology accumulation, Bicom has formed a number of core technologies in optical design, mold design and manufacturing, injection molding, automotive atmosphere lamp design and manufacturing. Bicom can respond to customer needs in a timely manner, design and manufacture high-precision, high-complexity various high-spec lens products, matching precision injection molds, and automotive atmosphere lights. At present, Bicom has nano-level CNC (the highest positioning accuracy is 10 nanometers), and the precision of the mold cavity can reach ±5 microns (the “Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog (2019 Edition)” stipulates that the precision mold cavity processing accuracy is ≤50 microns) . The company has developed high-precision thick-walled lenses with a maximum thickness of 50 mm and high-precision automotive light guides with a maximum length of 1,300 mm, and can efficiently mold two-color and three-color products at one time.

Bicom focuses on R&D and application of technology with optical lens as the core, and has established a complete technology R&D system. The company’s R&D center was rated as Zhejiang High-tech Enterprise Research and Development Center, and Bicom’s Lens Research Institute was recognized as Zhejiang Provincial Enterprise Research Institute. ”, Zhejiang Province “Manufacturing and Internet Integration Development Pilot Demonstration Enterprise”, Zhejiang Province “Big Data Application Demonstration Enterprise”, Zhejiang Province “Invisible Champion” Cultivation Enterprise, Zhejiang Province Patent Demonstration Enterprise, etc. Up to now, the company and its subsidiaries have obtained 92 patents, including 7 invention patents, with strong R&D level and technological advantages.

As an early domestic enterprise engaged in the research and development of optical lenses, Bicom has been deeply involved in optical lenses and their application fields since its establishment, and has always adhered to the core of optical design, precision injection mold design and manufacturing, combined with product customization and a “one product, one point” business model , Has accumulated good customer resources, and based on the competitive advantage in the field of optical lenses, further extended the business chain to the field of automotive atmosphere lights.

Company strategic planning and goals

Based on the concept of “innovation leading optics”, the company will continue to devote itself to the fields of precision injection molds, optical lens products and automotive atmosphere lights in the future, to become the world’s best supplier of optical products, to build a world high-end optical lens research and development base, and to provide customers worldwide Provide high-quality and efficient optical application products and services.

Bicom will make full use of its own accumulated advantages and experience in design, R&D, technology, production management, customer development, etc., and on the basis of meeting the ever-changing needs of customers, expand production scale, improve product quality, reduce production costs, and reduce unit product energy. Consumption; increase market development, continue to expand the world’s high-quality customers, and at the same time tap domestic potential demand, further increase market share, and consolidate the company’s industry position. The company will continue to enhance its comprehensive competitiveness through independent innovation, fine management and high-quality services.